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3- Day Green Cleanse Package

3- Day Green Cleanse Package

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Boost your health and cleanse your body with our 3-Day Package!

This Green Cleanse Package includes (6) green Express, (6) Orange Mint Breeze

Green Express (Pineapple, Cucumbers, Spinach, Celery, Apples, Lemons)

Orange Mint Breeze (oranges, cucumbers, ginger, spinach, mint, lime)

1 Immunity shot (lemon, ginger orange, cayenne)

Start your cleanse with drinking hot lemon water in the morning then following up with your

-1st green express in the morning

-1 orange mint breeze as the 2nd juice in the morning 

- 1 green express for lunch 

- 1 orange mint breeze for dinner 

Instructions for a successful detox:

Enhance your juice cleanse with nourishing fruits/ nut snacks and stay hydrated for optimal results. Our juices can be enjoyed as a meal replacement, but remember, each body is unique, so listen to yours. For extra sustenance, incorporate light meals for dinner & lunch into your juicing routine, and avoid heavy or greasy options. 

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